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My English teacher said that split infinitives were a myth created by a language purist who thought that English should be more like Latin. Split infinitves are impossible in Latin.

See example:

At GNP, I was able to fully develop my communication skills through frequent dealings with managers both over the phone and in person.
asked Jan 25 '14 at 02:55 Aaron Pitt New member

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Your teacher is right.  If you know that your audience will think you should never split the infinitive, then try to avoid it rather than get into an argument.  But unsplitting the infinitive can change the meaning of the sentence.


I was able to fully develop my communication skills. 

I was fully able to develop my communication skills.


In the first sentence, we know that you have developed your skills to a certain level.

In the second sentence, we only know that you are able to work on those skills.  We have no idea how well you have accomplished that task.


I'll put a link in a comment.  Grammar Girl has a thorough discussion about what your teacher has told you.

link answered Jan 25 '14 at 06:14 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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