I wish/ I wished if


Question.......'Could you please help me?'

Can the answers be:
1- I wish if I was able to help you. if I responded quickly, and the time frame for helping has not passed yet.

2- I wished if I was able to help you. if I responded later, after the time frame for helping has passed.

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You cannot say I wished If I was. It is incorrect.

SanjayJan 24 '14 at 05:22

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We use the phrase I wish I were when you regret for not doing something.

I wish  I were able to help you. 

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Delete the word "if".

Patty TJan 24 '14 at 05:41

Sorry, it was a typo. Thanks.

SanjayJan 24 '14 at 10:06

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Since you are wishing, I have to assume that in either case, you can't actually help.  You wish you could, though. We use wish when there is little to no chance of it happening.  If you can help, then you would say, "I would like to help you."


If you respond quickly, but can't help because of some other reason:
I wish I could help you.

I wish I were able to help you.


If you responded after time has passed, and can't help because it is too late:
I wish I could have helped you. 

I wish I had been able to help.

link comment answered Jan 24 '14 at 05:38 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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