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I don't see how I can fix this statement without changing its entirety. Is it acceptable as is?

See example:

The humanities are a necessity for humankind; however, until those in the system acknowledge this, academics will only get much worse for students compared to today's issues.
asked Jan 06 '14 at 03:53 Jacqueline Robertson New member

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The short answer to your question, Jacqueline, is no, it is not acceptable.  I have to say the best thing would be to completely change the sentence. 


The humanities exist regardless of whether anyone studies them or not.  I assume that you you are trying to make some point. Perhaps the system (whoever that is) has proposed a cut to fund certain departments, and you are trying to present an argument.  The humanities can include language, literature, philosophy, arts, religion, history, law, anthropology, and communications.  One could certainly argue that studying the humanities is essential for the betterment of society.  If you are arguing about a more specific program, such as music, you might want to find a more specific argument than "because it is good for people."  There are plenty of good arguments!


I am not a fan of the semi-colon.  It should only be used when both sides of the sentence are so closely related that they need to be in the same sentence.  That isn't the case here.  


The comparison you are trying to make doesn't work.  You are comparing "academics" with "today's issues."  Huh?  Will it be worse for students or worse for society?  I believe that what you intended to say was that academics will get worse than they are today.  


I hope that helps you somewhat.

link answered Jan 06 '14 at 12:47 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

Thank you very much! This was very helpful. You are a Grammarly goddess.

Jacqueline RobertsonJan 07 '14 at 04:26

Wow, a goddess! That does sound better than fellow. ;) Thanks for making me smile tonight.

Patty TJan 07 '14 at 04:42

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