comparing two or more things


help this is for a thesis statment.

See example:

Epileptics who are looking for alternative therapies are more likely to have a bias towards acupuncture when the studies show a limited amount of information on its effectiveness.
asked Dec 11 '13 at 01:28 jasmine vondal New member

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When the software sees the word more, it looks for the rest of the comparison.  More this than that.  It doesn't understand context.  Your sentence is fine in regard to that issue.   You are saying this is more likely when that happens.  The reader can infer that this is less likely to happen when that doesn't happen. 


I do have to question your use of the word limited.  This implies that the patients are less likely to have a positive bias when provided with a lot of information about its effectiveness.  That doesn't make sense.  Do you mean that they have a positive bias when at least a little bit of information is provided?  If so, I would replace "a limited" with "some" in your sentence.

link comment answered Dec 11 '13 at 02:35 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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