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How do i change this sentence to make a stronger impact ?

See example:

Traditionally Marketing was limited to pure "demand generation".
asked Dec 06 '13 at 09:02 Jigesh Shah New member

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To make a sentence active, you need a subject that is doing the action. For more discussion about active and passive voice, use the search field above. This is the most common question on the forum, and you will find scores of questions and answers on the topic. In your case, the marketers have limited their efforts.

link comment answered Dec 06 '13 at 10:24 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

Marketing  limits its own ability to increase revenue because the "demand generation" relies a lot on technology. Traditional companies have outdated techniqes, which reduces their abiilty to properly educate customer service professionals. The result is to outsource jobs to people who can walk the cunsumer through any problem for less money.

link comment edited Dec 06 '13 at 09:49 Rebecca Frye New member

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