need help with pullet point


it keeps telling me to reword, or fragment

See example:

-Recognize shapes, and colors - .
asked Mar 27 '12 at 05:39 vicky New member

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Please be more specific in your query. I'll assume you meant "bullet" rather than "pullet" (which wouldn't make any sense as it means "young hen"), and that "it" refers to MS Word. 


There are two things wrong with your text:

- Bullet points usually don't end in a hyphen.

- There shouldn't be a comma before "and".


Adding a comma before "and" is incorrect when used in a list (with some rare exceptions, such as when you'd like to emphasize the last item). It is however acceptable when you're separating two clauses but don't want to use a full stop. 

link answered Mar 27 '12 at 06:46 Alex Madjarov New member

The Oxford or Harvard comma thought would argue that in most instances you should use a comma before the last "and". In this instance, however, you are correct that there should not be a comma.

Robert CooperMar 27 '12 at 07:53

No reference would argue that a comma was necessary to divide a list of two items. This example is completely different rule.

TolleyMar 27 '12 at 16:18

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I would not have the scanner to scan bullet points.  You might wish to use an actual bullet point or asterisk at the beginning, and I would leave a space.  If it is an itemized list, you might not need any punctuation at the end.  You do not need that comma before the "and" either, since there are only 2 items.

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Many grammar checkers -- MS Word and Grammarly included -- have difficulty with bullet points.


Bullet points, by their very nature, are seldom complete sentences (some say they shouldn't be complete sentences). Thus, the scanner tells us it is sentence fragment. Bad!


Don't worry about it.


Instead, look at you bullet points for consistency. They should all have the same format and similar structure. That is, if three are sentence fragments and the fourth is a complete sentence, revise the fourth to have a similar structure to the rest of the list.

link comment answered Mar 28 '12 at 18:14 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

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