me or I?


Attached is a picture of my family and I last year around Christmas.


Is this correct?

asked Nov 19 '13 at 17:52 pete seeger New member

2 answers


A good way to check this is to remove the preceding part.


For example, you would say "Here is a picture of me" (not "Here is a picture of I"). So, it should be "Here is a picture of my family and me."


Similarly, you would say "I went on a trip," so "My friends and I went on a trip" (not "My friends and me went on a trip) is correct.


Hope this helps!

link comment answered Nov 21 '13 at 04:02 Joyce F Contributor

Attached is a picture of my family and me.... You must use an objective pronoun after the verb. 

link comment answered Nov 20 '13 at 11:35 Sanjay Expert

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