Compound, Comples and Simple sentences


I am having trouble adding punctions and understanding if this is a compound or complex sentence.

See example:

I like my mother she like me
asked Nov 03 '13 at 02:55 Ruth Longberry New member

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I've not seen a rule about not using a comma because of the length of independent clauses.

What you have written is a run on sentence, which is two independent clauses connected with no conjunction or punctuation.

Here are three ways to write this correctly.  I think the first is the best.


I like my mother, and she likes me.  Compound sentence.

I like my mother; she likes me.  Compound sentence.

I like my mother.  She likes me.  Two sentences.


Sanjay's suggestion, 'My mother and I like each other.' works well, also.  This is a simple sentence with a compound subject.

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My mom likes me and I like her too .

I and my mom ,we like each other

link comment answered Nov 06 '13 at 19:41 Mahjabin Andar New member

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