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Does the verse "I must go the lonely by." make sense at all? I mean it does to me but can it be substituted for " I must go alone"?

asked Nov 01 '13 at 05:38 Colby New member

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You called it a verse, which is a good clue that this comes from a poem.  Poetry is all about context and interpretation.  One single phrase, out of context, can easily make no sense.  The other thing about poetry is poetic license.  The rules of grammar just don't really apply.  It is art.  Words are often put together in odd ways to evoke emotion, paint a picture, or just make the reader ponder awhile.  The verse could mean "I must go alone."  It might also mean "I must take a lonely path."  Poems can often be interpreted more than one way. 

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The first sentence doesn't make any sense at all.  In the first sentence, lonely is an adverb. It does not modify an article.

I must go alone is correct. 

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