the setructure of sentence


Any error with the following sentences? could you please spot them for me? Thanks.



Now I know why I felt depressed, because I quite missed running. To my surprise, my work today has been done effectively and I can keep concentrated.

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Your fist sentence is actually two independent clauses put together with the subject and verb of the second clause implied.


Now I know why I felt depressed.  [It is] because I quite missed running. 


In formal writing, you would not usually imply the subject and verb, and there are three ways to join them.  You can separate them with a semi-colon, join them with a comma and conjunction, or make them two separate sentences.


This seems a bit more informal, though.  I would leave the wording as is, and change the comma to a dash.


Now I know why I felt depressed - because I quite miss running.


For your second sentence, I believe that you want to say that you have been able to work effectively because the running helped your level of concentration.  Right?  We don't say "I can keep concentrated."  You might say "I concentrated" or "I can concentrate."  There are many ways to rewrite the second sentence.  Here is one way:


To my surprise, I could concentrate better at work today and I was more effective.

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