Pronoun usage when object of preposition as part of subject


In the sentence "A subcommittee of Allyson, Terry and me has planned a trip to Taos" is the "me" correct or should it be "I", and is "has" correct or should it be "have"?

grammar asked Oct 30 '13 at 05:10 Jenny Goldberg New member

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'Me' is the correct case for any object.  'Subcommittee' is the subject of the sentence and is singular, so 'has' would usually be the correct form.  However, an argument could be made that since the members are named, 'have' could be used, because 'we' could easily be substituted for 'subcommittee.  This could go either way, but I would use 'have'.  More likely, I would rewrite the sentence without 'subcommittee.


Allyson, Terry, and I have planned a trip to Taos.

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