How can I improve my language in grammar ?

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Read, write, listen, talk.  The more exposure and practice you give yourself, the more you will learn.  Any method is helpful.  The more diverse ways you learn and practice, the more you will learn.  This can include reading novels, textbooks, magazines, blogs, watching movies or news reports, and writing and talking to native speakers. 

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I started working here before five years ago.

   2.    How long is it been since you moved here?

   3.    I felt tired so I had decided to go to bed early.

   4.    Having   an   operation was   being the worst experience of my life.

   5.    She has graduated from college a month ago.

   6.    Mrs Parker who is my Science teacher.

   7.    That's the man whose his wallet was stolen.

   8.    The dishwasher which I bought it last week is faulty.

   9.    John, who he is my best friend, won the 100m race.

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