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The child threw his lunch at the wall and it was ruined.

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The teacher may want to have a reflection time for the child for a minimum of five minutes since there is no more lunch.
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Have should be give here.  If the teacher has the reflection time, then the teacher would be sitting quietly.  Instead, the teacher is giving that consequence to the child. 


Using since in this sentence means that the reason for the reflection time is the fact that there is no more lunch and that the minimum time is five minutes because of that fact.  I don't think that is what you mean to say.  I believe that the child is given the punishment because of inappropriate behavior.  The choice of punishment is so that the child can reflect upon the action and realize that it was wrong.  One of the reasons it was wrong is that he has no more lunch left to eat.  Does the reader need to be told there is no more lunch?  Doesn't the teacher want the child to learn more than that?  (Someone has to clean up the mess, throwing food in anger adds to problems rather than resolve the problem, etc.)


I suspect that the minimum of five minutes relates to the type of punishment rather than the type of bad behavior.  A shorter time period doesn't allow the child enough time to actually get around to reflecting, right? 


The teacher may want to give the child a reflection time to think about the consequences of his behavior.  A minimum of five minutes is recommended. 

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