I am done / I am done for


What does this sentence mean?  Where can this be used?

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I will expand upon Sanjay's answer.


I am done means, of course, I am finished.  There are various idioms using "am done" with or without other words. 


I am done for has a sense of finality to it.  In addition to killed or destroyed, it could also mean some kind of final loss.  If you really mess up at work, you could say, "I am done for" to mean that you are certain you will lose your job.  The same applies to a game or sport.  When an opponent has scored so many points that it is impossible for me to come back and win, then I am done for.


Sanjay is correct about being done in.  That means I am overly tired.


Done up does not have the same meaning in the US.  Here, being done up means that your attire, or hair and makeup is put together in a certain way.  Usually, it is a fancy way, such as the bride has her hair done up for the wedding.  You could decorate something other than a person in a fancy way and say something like, "The house was all done up for the holiday." 

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Thanks a lot. Your answer is helpful.

Z. A. JazleyOct 17 '13 at 06:22

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i am done with my boyfriend

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