Ending with a preposition


How can I reword this sentence so that it does not end with a preposition? Or is the preposition at the end ok? 


There is a little boy that is in my life, for whom I have taken care of.

asked Oct 12 '13 at 23:34 Sarah West New member

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The admonition to never end a sentence with a proposition has no valid grammatical basis:For example, “She was the one he wanted to go out with” is correct. Earlier placement of a preposition in a sentence makes the sentence sound more formal, but efforts to consistently do so sometimes result in awkwardly stiff syntax, as in “She was the one out with which he wanted to go.” (However, “I want to go with” is a different matter; as a truncated version of “I want to go with you,” it’s colloquial and not suited for formal writing.)

link comment answered Oct 17 '13 at 09:09 Sanjay Expert

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