Past tense more suited than present perfect in this sentence?


What I read was this: "Grand Theft Auto V's success over the past month has been huge, but according to Guinness, it's also been groundbreaking."  I find this sentence to be somewhat troubling, grammar-wise. Since the time of the success is limited in the sentence to the past month, shouldn't it have used the past tense as opposed to the present perfect, as follows:  "Grand Theft Auto V's success over the past month WAS huge, but according to Guinness, it WAS also groundbreaking."  Thoughts? Who is wrong? Why? Thanks.

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I appreciate Patty's response. Though, what about the aspect of the statement that specifies the success to the past month, wouldn't that entail the use of past tense? In fact, wouldn't it have been better to have said, "Grand Theft Auto V's success over the past month WAS huge, AND HAS CONTINUED"? I would get what Patty said about the present perfect being applied if it were not for the words, "past month." With that said, what do you all think, including Patty?

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"Has been" is the present perfect continuous tense.  It is used when something started in the past and is still happening - or has just now stopped. 

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