"What a long day!"


I know that this is not a complete sentence, but would I technically be able to ask students to find the subject and predicate and they would have to convert the sentence to:

What a long day it is!

And then label "day" as the subject and "is" as the predicate?


Or would I just have to say that this is not a sentence, but an exclamatory phrase?


Also, for the sentence 


"This is my wife."

Would the subject be "This" or "wife" ? Can words like "this" "that" "what" be a subject of a sentence and the thing it refers to be in the predicate?

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I would call 'What a long day!' and exclamatory phrase.  You could probably rationalize that 'this has been' as an understood, but unwritten, ending, but it's simpler to call it an exclamatory phrase.


This is my wife.

'This' is a pronoun used as the subject of the verb. This is perfectly acceptable.

link comment answered Oct 05 '13 at 10:59 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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