Not sure how to word this sentence


I can't seem to word this sentence properly. Verb usuage? Not a question?

See example:

Tim always closed my monthly update meeting with asking the question, "what do you need to get this accomplished?
asked Sep 18 '13 at 17:51 Lori Kuiper New member

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With a direct quote, the question mark is followed by a quotation mark.  If it is at the end of a sentence, this serves as the ending punctuation.  Even though you are actually making a statement, the punctuation of the quote ends the sentence. 


The first word after the beginning quotation mark must be capitalized.


... with asking the question, "What do you need to get this accomplished?"


If you don't like ending a statement with a quoted question, you can rephrase it as reported speech.


... by asking what was needed to accomplish the tasks.


You also asked about the verb being used.  A meeting is rarely closed with someone asking an open-ended question.  Closing a meeting means it is all done & everyone leaves.  There is no more discussion.  I made some assumptions about the context, so I might have changed your meaning:


Tim always concluded the monthly update meetings by making sure I had everything I needed to accomplish our goals.

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