THIS IS MY HEBREW NAME! Also, this software is controlling my life and my writing.

See example:

Speaking of which, in my research, I found out that Jake means "יעקב" (Ya'akov), which means "Heel Grabber".
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First, calm yourself down, Jake.  No need to yell.  This is a forum to discuss grammar.  You haven't asked a question that is relative to this forum.  But since I am a bit bored, I'll address your problems.


I have always found it interesting to discover the origin of words or names.  Understanding how language changes and the roots of words will help you increase your vocabulary.  Jacob is a fairly old name.  It comes to us from the Latin Iacobus, which came from the Greek Iakobos, which came from the Hebrew Ya'aqov.  There are forms of this name in dozens of languages around the world - from Jakob in Norwegian, to Seamus in Irish, to Iago in Portuguese, to Jacques in French.  Jacob has been the most popular name for newborn boys in the US for some time.  So, you are in good company around the world.  Of course, no one was documenting the name when it was first used, but experts can take educated guesses on the origin of the name.  Most people believe that Jacob in the Old Testament was given the name because he was born holding the heel of his twin brother Esau.  This theory explains that the name means "holder of the heel" which, I guess, could be reworded as "heel grabber" if you want.  There is another theory that Jacob derives from a slightly different word that means "may God protect." 


Now, for your second problem: this software is controlling your life and your writing.  Hmmm....


Something that I tried to teach my sons before they became men is that each of us controls our own actions.  There are times in life when others do control us, but unless you are a small child or incarcerated, we'll move on to being an adult member of society.  There are times in life when others would like to control us, but they only do when we allow them to.  You get to choose, Jake, what your actions are.  A software program cannot control you.  You can use it as a tool to help you, but you are the one who puts fingers to keyboard and types.  You are the one who has to read for context and make sure the tool is working to your best advantage.  You are the one who can follow or ignore suggestions from anyone or anything.  If you don't like the software, don't use it. Of course, every choice we make has a consequence.  One choice might help you earn an A on your papers.  The other choice might lead to failure.  It's all up to you, kid!  Recognize the control that you have in your own life and you'll (hopefully) make good choices. 


Now... do you have a grammar-related question?

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