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I ask about spelling a nother time and the people say:  Dictionary help spell and definitions.  My dictionary español-inglés.  But cieling no is on the dictionary. I want spell cieling ... the thing up in room, you look to up you to see it. The white thing. (El vio una araña en el techo)   Cieling was a word in class of English. I forgets to spell the word but is con C, not S...this parte I know is the C. How do you see spell in the dictionary if you do not know how spelling well?
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spelling cieling asked Aug 30 '13 at 22:58 Bonita New member

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It is ceiling, Bonita. 


Here is the thing we learn as kids: 

I before E,

except after C,

or when sounding like A,

as in neighbor or weigh. 


It is not an easy rule to remember.  There are actually some words that still don't fit the rule, but for the most part it will work.


Using the dictionary takes a little creative thinking sometimes.  If you can't find the word right where you are looking, then you have to hunt around a bit.  If it has an IE, then look for EI.  If yu think a word starts with K or S and you can't find it, you can try looking under C.


With an online dictionary (I like to use dictionary.com) if you type in "cieling" it will tell you that it doesn't find that word and ask, "Did you mean ceiling?"  The online dictionary does that creative thinking for you most times.


By the way, I love how you described what a ceiling is... the white thing!  :-)

link comment answered Aug 31 '13 at 01:14 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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