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Is a lot or alot how you spell?  A lot or alot? On my paper have sentence: I have a lot/alot of clothes, so I get surprised sometimes when I look through my closet.  We circle the right.   I say it out loud and it say like it is one word alot not two words, A Lot.  I learn English from Tv and now I take a class to learn.   I want to make a good test.  Thank you, your freind Ma. Bonita Lopez Melendez.

a lot alot asked Aug 30 '13 at 00:23 Bonita New member

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'A lot' is always two words. There is a word that sounds like the idiom 'a lot', 'allot', but it has an entirely diferent meaning.

There are many online dictionaries that can help you to define, spell, and pronounce words, and the results are immediate.

link comment answered Aug 30 '13 at 02:14 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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