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This has got to be one of the hardest questions ever! Usually when I want to know if something is right or not, I just say it in my head.  If it sounds right, then I figure its probably right. So there and their is hard because they both sound exactly the same.  I really need to know which is which because they are real common, I use them all the time.  I usually kind of put whichever and hope for the best, but I am writing a book and I need the grammar to be good.  Can anybody out there/their help?

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'Their' will always be a possessive. It's usually followed closely by a noun.

Their trip

Their car


If you want to indicate a location, use 'there'.

There it is

Did you put it there?

Is there a time when we can meet. (location in time)


Then there is 'they're'

This is a contraction meaning 'they are'

They're coming this afternoon.

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