In Active and Passive voice, when subject and object change position, do they change the roles too ?


for e.g John drove car <=> car was driven by John
in the passive voice , can we say 'car' is the subject and 'john' is the object now ?.

I am particularly concerned about the use of 'me' and 'I'. As per the grammar rules, 'I' is used when it is subject and 'me' when object.

I chased the dog - correct
Dog bit me - correct

so in the passive voice, 'I was bitten by dog' 0r 'Me was bitten by dog' which one is correct ? I assume the first one is correct. in this case can we consider 'I' as subject, even if 'I' was at the receiver of action(verb).

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John drove the car.

Active voice. 'John' is the subject, and 'car' is the direct object.


The car was driven by John.

Passive voice. 'Car' is the subject and 'John' is the object of the preposition 'by'.


I was bitten by the dog.

'I' is the subject and will take the nominative case.

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