Is the below sentence legit?

Her friends' scores pummeled it further for her. 

asked Aug 17 '13 at 04:27 Sharath Ram New member

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The sentence is okay as long as it means what you mean to say.  To pummel means “to beat or thrash with or as with the fists” according to  That’s a pretty active verb for something as inanimate as a score.  Of course, I don’t have any context to interpret your meaning.  I also don’t know what “it” is referring to.  I assume that the reader will understand in context.  Perhaps you are describing how beaten down she felt and her friends' scores intensified that feeling.  

link answered Aug 17 '13 at 05:28 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

My friend burnt the midnight oil for GRE and managed a score of 310 due to which she was dejected. Another friend of her, with no preparation at all fetched 317. So, I said-" that pummeled it further for her".

Sharath RamAug 17 '13 at 05:31

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