many risks factors are associated to the incidence of HIV


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Vaginitis is reported as one of the most common gynecologic condition for which women seek care (Eckert, 2006; Egan & Lipsky, 2002; Owen & Clenney, 2004; Pakshir, Yazdani & Kimiaghalam, 2007).
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Women most commonly seek care from a gynecologist for the condition of vaginitis.


Do you really need four references for one piece of data?  If everybody is saying the same thing, it is often a generally accepted fact that does not need a reference at all.  Otherwise, just pick one reference, probably the oldest one.  You are giving a statistic, so you usually do need some sort of reference to show where the data comes from.  Either the data has been collected over & over or everyone is refering to the original data. 

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