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how can i change my essay sentences into shorter sentences

See example:

Gibbs states that in health and social care, professionals reflects and evaluates different experiences, to see if they can make any sense of the situation and the decision is rounded when there are no hostile issues.
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Make sure your nouns and verbs match up for singular or plural.  Either one professional_ reflects and evaluates or two professionals reflect_ and evaluate_.   (I put an underscore where you should delete the letter s.)


A good way to shorten up your sentences is to determine if you are repeating yourself.  Doesn't that act of reflecting upon and evaluating different experiences imply that the person is attempting to make sense of something? 


Make sure that the words you use have the correct meaning.  I don't think that rounded is the word you are looking for.  This adjective means fully developed.  I suspect that you really want to determine if the decision was sound, meaning competent or sensible. 


I'm not sure what you mean by hostile issues, but have to disagree with Lewis on his suggestion of "hostility issues."  Hostility is a noun, so one would replace hostile issues with hostilities.  This whole phrase is just additional words used to describe the aforementioned situations.  Instead, I would replace the phrase with an adjective to describe the same thing.  In this case, peaceful could replace not hostile


Gibbs states that in health and social care, professionals reflect upon and evaluate various peaceful situations in order to determine if sound decisions have been made.


Another tip on tightening up your writing:  the thesaurus is your friend.  Look up key words in your sentence and you will find many other ways to express the same thought. 

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