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I think that I already know the answer to this question but I can't remember for sure. So I just need to double-check to be certain that it is correct. "I was looking at the Weekly Assignment List and the Syllabus and noticed that Lessons 25-28 are on the Syllabus but not the Weekly Assignment List; therefore, are we supposed to still complete those Lessons and turn them into you." What I was wonder is if I definitely need to end this sentence with a period.  Like I said I am pretty positive that the punctuation at the end is right, but if not and/or there is a better way to write this sentence please let me know. Thanks

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Every sentence must end with a punctuation mark.  Your choices are a period, a question mark, or an explanation point.  The question here is ... is this a statement or a question?  You have attempted to roll both together by joining the two with a semi-colon.  Since the sentence starts out as a statement, the end should look like this:  [therefore, I would like to know if...]  or this:  [therefore, I wonder, "Are we supposed to... ?"]  However, there is an easier way to fix this wordy and awkward sentence. 


Does the instructor need to be told that you were looking at the Syllabus and Weekly Assignment List?  Does she need to be told that you noticed something on them?  I would argue that she can figure out those obvious points if you just get to the main point.  Teachers are busy people.  Get to the point. 


The Syllabus and Weekly Assignment List do not agree in regards to Lessons 25 - 28.  Are we supposed to complete and turn in those lessons?

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Patty's answer and explanations are great except for a minor point which may even be a typo. 'In regard to' is the correct usage. This is not as strictly adhered to as it once was, but I'm old and prefer the singular.

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Patty TJul 26 '13 at 21:40

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