How to write a formal email letter


Construct an email from the following information:


To: Perter Barkus

Re: Time in Lieu


- You worked an extra two hours per day for four days last week to finish a project for an important client.


-These extra hours have been recorded but not paid out.


-you are requesting leave on the friday of this week rather than extra money.


-There are sufficient to cope with any incidences while you are away and you are give of any other deadlines.




what do i have to do?  the top four paragraphs. 

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It seems that you have to compose an email letter using the information provided. We don't do homework here, Peach. Your class material likely provides the necessary information for you to understand the assignment. Here are two tips to remember when you do your work. Every sentence begins with a capital letter. The word "I" is always capitalized. There are no exceptions to these two rules.

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is the future looking good or bad?

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