why not say"came back home'?

See example:

When i came back home and went to bed, i found that I was wide awake, and could not get to sleep.
asked Dec 07 '11 at 02:30 Aggie New member

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i came back home and went to bed, i couldn't sleep cause i was wide awake.

link answered Dec 07 '11 at 04:08 culsum taha New member

Culsum taha, the comma here should be a semi-colon or a period. Both parts of the sentence can make a complete sentence alone. Always remember to capitalize the word I. Patty TDec 07 '11 at 07:01

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Aggie, I use "came back home" in this way, so I am not sure why not.  Remember to always capitalize the word I.  You don't need the second comma in your sentence.  Though you might pause there conversationally, it is not correct punctuation.

link comment answered Dec 07 '11 at 06:59 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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