The teacher now has the opportunity to work with a smaller group of students. Working with a smaller group of students provides the teacher with the ability to engage struggling readers in instruction. This is the opportunity to engage students who would otherwise not catch on to skills that taught during regular lessons in class.

See example:

Working with a smaller group will allow the teacher to assist in promoting reading in struggling readers who would otherwise not catch on to skills that are taught during regular instruction in class.
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It can be difficult to take four sentences and combine them into one clear sentence.  If you look at those four sentences, you will see a lot of repetition of words - teacher, opportunity, smaller groups, students, engage.  They are all used at least twice.  This gives us a clue to the main points that you want to get across - teachers engaging students in smaller groups is an opportunity.  All you have to add is to tell what the opportunity is. 


Small group instruction allows the teacher to better engage struggling students, providing the opportunity for them to catch up on skills taught during regular lessons.

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