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Some people said as well as and other as good as. I do not what is the correct way. Thanks

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Generally, well refers to health.  James Brown had it wrong when he sang, "I feel good."  Feeling relates to health, and if you are in a healthy frame of mind, you are well, as opposed to ill, sick, or unwell.  Good is a superlative adjective.  Something can be good, better, or best.  You can have a good computer, but you would be feeling well.

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I like the pop culture reference! :-) KimberlySep 23 '11 at 13:22

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She preferred raspberries and grapes, as well as apples, when choosing fruit for a still life painting subject. 


In this usage, "as well as" is a phrase that means in addition to the former list and on an equal basis.  (I'm not sure why we use this phrase.  We could just as easily get rid of it and say "raspberries, grapes, and apples.") 


Apples are as good as grapes and raspberries when choosing a fruit for a still life painting subject.


"As good as" is a phrase that also shows that things are on an equal basis.  But instead of adding something to a list, we are comparing two or more items.

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