I need adjectives to fill in the sentence below. One-word adjective to each place.
>>The first one have to mean "growing in the hearts of people".
>>The second one "sperading among people/ gaining more and more followers".
>>The third "that uses violence/terror".

American foreign policy currently faces a ________, _________, ________ anti-Americanism in the Muslim World.

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I can't think of the right words to succinctly express the thoughts you are tryng to get across.  Sometimes there is not one word, and other times, the combination of certain words will make the point exactly as you want.  I suggest a good thesaurus.  It is the best friend a writer can have. 


Look up a simplified word that means roughly what you want to say.  Look at the list of words given, find one that gets a bit closer to your meaning, then look up that word.  Keep doing that until you zone in on the right one. 

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