Fill in the blanks


One of Mahatma Gandhi's best friend was ............... European



1. the

2. an

3. a


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In the US, we would use "a" in this instance.  "The European" would only be used if there was only one person that fit this description.  Knowing when to use "a" or "an" follows a basic rule, but there are some exceptions. 


The basic rule is:

      Use "a" when the word following it starts with a consonant.  A boy had a dog.

       Use "an" when the word following it starts with a vowel.  An energy burst caused an emergency.


The exceptions:

      When the word following the article sounds like a vowel but is a consonant, or vice versa, we use "a" or "an" according to how the word sounds, not how it is spelled.  A eulogy will be given in an hour. 

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