When listing the subjects that I teach in a sentence such as science, math, and social studies, do I capitalize them?

asked Jul 14 '13 at 01:15 Nicole New member

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Since science, math, and social studies are not proper nouns, you don't have to capitalize them. Also, you must capitalize the word English in this sentence ''I have a degree in English. English is a proper noun. 

link comment answered Jul 14 '13 at 02:47 ducdang123 Contributor

It depends on the context.  For elementary and middle school, these might be the names of the class.  For high school or college, these are general categories.  The title of the class is a proper noun.


I teach the Math and Science classes at Smith Elementary School.


The math classes I teach at Smith High School are Algebra II and Trigonometry.

link comment answered Jul 14 '13 at 04:16 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

Add to this that when those common nouns are used as the name of a course, especially with a designation such as '101', then they become proper nouns.  For example, 'I teach Math 101.' But, 'I teach math.'

link comment answered Jul 14 '13 at 15:11 Ahmad Barnard Expert

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