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how can this thesis statement be written without using an conjunction"home schooled children are better educated but lack in social skills"

See example:

Thesis statement: Home schooled children are better educated but lack in social skills.
asked Jul 05 '13 at 22:37 victoria potts New member

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Here is one way, but it changes the focus a bit. .

Though they may lack in social skills, home-schooled children are often better educated.

I don't know why you want to avoid using a conjunction either. Notice I softened the statement up a bit with "may" and "often". Depending on what you are writing, you may need to cite a source to show why you can say that these students are better educated and lack social skills.

link comment answered Jul 06 '13 at 00:09 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

With different punctuation.  But why not use a (not an) conjunction?

link comment answered Jul 05 '13 at 22:44 Michael Cranfield Expert

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