How Do I Make This a Complete Comparison?


Can someone please tell me how to make this sentence a complete comparison? I tried everything and I'm at wit's end. :) (This is a sentence pulled out of an article I wrote for a client today.) It was flagged by Grammarly for "incomplete comparison." 


Beware of fake virus and malware scanners, and don't trust just any PC cleaner free download you find.

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It is seeing the word 'cleaner' as an adjective and wants you to say what it's supposed to be cleaner than. I wouldn't worry about it, but you do have an extra comma after 'scanners'. This is a compound predicate with a single subject, the understood 'you', so the comma is incorrect. I changed the position of 'free' and added 'program', which may help.


Beware of fake virus and malware scanners and don't trust just any free PC cleaner program you find.

link comment answered Jul 03 '13 at 00:29 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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