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What is the correct answer to the question?


Q: Could Deepak go out to play?


A1: No, he can't go out to play.

A2: No, he could'nt go out to play

A3: Deepak can't go out to play.

A4:Deepak couldn't go out to play.

can could asked Jun 29 '13 at 17:08 Kishore New member

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Could is the past tense of can, but it can also be used for the present tense in certain situations. One of those is to make a polite request. Since we don't know if the question is being asked about his ability to play right now or in the past, all four answers can be correct. If the question is using could as a polite request for the present tense, then both 1 & 3 are correct. If it is asking in the past tense, then 2 & 4 are correct.

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Answer 1 is most appropriate to your question. But answer 3 is also correct.

link comment answered Jun 30 '13 at 08:58 Scarlet Darwin Contributor

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