Can I use by in this sentence?


Is the sentence below correct? Is it okay to use "by" in English?Simms Engineering estimates that the proposed modifications by your original design will cost in the region of $200,000.

Simms asked Jun 22 '13 at 08:47 Chang New member

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Chang, the preposition you need here is to, not by: the proposed modifications to your original design

link answered Jun 22 '13 at 08:54 Shawn Mooney Expert

Oh, then I made a mistake on the test.

ChangJun 22 '13 at 09:51

Forgot to say thank you, dear sir.

ChangJun 22 '13 at 09:52

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Dear Sir, 


Pls advice how can emprove english every i'm remeber 10 world meaning but next day i forgat all tthose. 


Pls advice 

link comment answered Jun 22 '13 at 12:38 umesh New member

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