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Jeff, Patty, Lewis, Shawn and other Grammarly honchos: Except for short, one or two sentence answers, I have been creating answers in MS Word then copying to Grammarly. This enables me to use line breaks/paragraphs which I think make all answers more easily readable - it gives us all room to breathe. Word, however, is fraught with weird code that sometimes doesn't translate. Am I missing something? Will HTML work in the box in which I'm typing now (I'll experiment)? <br>One more thing: the bar above the entry box has five different options - only bold and italic work (on my computer OS7-Ultimate) – again, am I missing something?</br> Well, so much for the HTML. <p>One more thing: the bar above the entry box has five different options - only bold and italic work (on my computer OS7-Ultimate) – again, am I missing something?</p> Well, so much for the HTML... again.


asked Jun 12 '13 at 01:26 Brother Dave Contributor

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Grammarly has the bold, italic, and other features, but spell check doesn't work. HTML doesn't do it either, so it's been pretty much shoot your best shot. Copying from a WP is helpful, but I aim for being succinct.

I'm glad to see some new people on here. Every seems to develop their own style of answering, and you'll soon be be able to spot who wrote what before you see the name.

link answered Jun 12 '13 at 02:00 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

Thanks, Lewis. Very comforting to know eventually I'll be easy to spot ;<) I notice you got a graph break in your answer... so how do you prepare yours? Had a nice chat with Patty this week: I'm a former former publisher (retired); used to enjoy my friendly arguments (delete, delete) discussions with our editors, proof readers and writers. They were usually right... I was the boss – didn't bother them in the least! You're right, I see a lot of "new member" tags. Perhaps because of the blurbs you send to Facebook – that was a great idea; got me interested. Then came the great "forte" debate and I was hooked. BTW, you or another admin may see some pidgen Nigerian I used with a particularly obtuse questioner — rest assured it was all clean; just told him we are volunteers here to help, not do his work. Then I answered his question. I'm such a sucker! Brother DaveJun 12 '13 at 02:47

Lewis is definitely more succinct than me!

Patty TJun 12 '13 at 04:07

Dave, I just type into the answer box. Summer is the time of the year when I'm the busiest, so I don't post as much as in the winter. Don't let Patty's modesty throw you. She's as sharp as they come. I've never taught English but grew up under the grammar police. Since being on here, I've learned the official rules more in order to be more helpful. I had one account here for a couple of years that got corrupted somehow, and had to start another last year, so there are two Lewis's.

Lewis NeidhardtJun 12 '13 at 17:30

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We aren't Grammarly honchos or admins here, Dave. Just people who happened upon the site once upon a time. Jeff, Lewis, and Shawn are MUCH more knowledgeable than me, but I’ve been around the longest.  I have never been a teacher.  I have no degree or professional experience as a writer.  I have done some volunteer work for a national organization to edit its literature.  My business was in the printing industry for 30 years, so I’ve seen a lot of writing.  (Now I manage a frozen yogurt franchise, which is a whole new adventure!)  I thoroughly enjoyed writing papers while working on my MBA a couple years ago, which is when I stumbled onto Grammarly.  There are others who participate now and then who have been around a long time but don’t show up as frequently.  Sanjay, whose name is also showing at the top of the page, has been a very regular participant for some time.  He has certainly learned a lot about the English language since he first showed up.  (One of my favorite threads was when we helped him write a love letter to his fiancé while he was travelling.  He is now a married man.) 


The only moderator from Grammarly is Kimberly.  She has poked her head in a bit more frequently lately, but has generally gone months without a peep.


I liked the answer that you refer to in your comment here.  We get tired of people expecting mind readers.  Those posts often go unanswered because we ask what the question is & they never respond.  


As for the formatting...  When I am on my laptop, which uses Windows, I log on with Internet Explorer.  I do type in Word first in case I accidently close the window in IE and lose everything I wrote.  When I cut & paste, it does not keep any formatting, including paragraph breaks.  But then in the answer box, I can add the paragraph breaks in, use bold, italics, and bullets, and add links.


I got an iPad a few months ago.  The answer box on there has none of these features.  It appears to allow me to ht return multiple times for paragraph breaks, but when you post it they are all lost.  I saved a little HTML for the paragraph breaks on my Notes app so I can cut & paste that, but it is a PIA (if you know what I mean) so I only use it when I’m in the mood to take my time. 


I have said for a long time (and emailed Kimberly & crew at Grammarly) that this forum has the absolute worse formatting I have ever run across for a discussion board.  But I have still stuck around. 

link answered Jun 12 '13 at 04:04 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

Thanks for the great and humorous answer. I compose in Word (if you put three "returns" or "enters" in, you'll get the graph breaks you see in my posts). I guess I'll just stick with that for a while. I must say that, from what I've seen – and this was my business at one point – publishing and web/email marketing (mostly for radio stations), this site has a lot of potential. You are, however, starting to run into the same problems I mentioned during our earlier conversation - goofballs. Once you get a majority of questions that aren't fun to answer, well – it's not fun anymore. Perhaps that's why Kimberly is less active. I'll stick around for a while. Don't freak out at the pidgen Nigerian (there's actually a dictionary I found – I've never been to Nigeria). I'm signing off for the night; managed to score 200+ points in three days, I guess that's pretty good.

Brother DaveJun 12 '13 at 05:08

Many years ago, I possessed a copy of the Bible in Pidgin, which I purchased at the Basel Mission Bookshop in what was then Victoria, West Cameroon, where I once lived. My favourite phrase was "Mary..... flung the pickin in the chop-box" or, as it appears in Luke, "laid him in a manger".

Michael CranfieldJun 15 '13 at 10:21

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Get rid of more in the title question. It should just be 'Using Grammarly Better.' I don't know about that other thing.

link answered Jun 13 '13 at 02:29 Peggy Knott New member

Peggy I'll be sure to do that. About that other thing, hmmm maybe it was sarcasm.

Brother DaveJun 13 '13 at 20:02

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