This my research question how best can i put it


how should my research question read like if the above is not sound and correct

See example:

Community perception on Pontville immigration detention centre and Asylum Seekers as captured by Mercury News paper letters and articles to the editor between 2nd September 2011 and 7th March 2012
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Your research question is not a question at all.  It is not a complete sentence.  It seems to be a caption to a chart or a title to a list.


You might ask, "What was the community perception about the Pontville Immigration Community Centre and its asylum seekers?" Then you might use letters to the editor and articles from the Mercury News to research the answer. 


Notice that I changed the capitalization of the centre and the seekers.  The name of an organization or building is a proper noun and should be capitalized.  Asylum seekers is not a proper noun. 


If the name of the newspaper is Mercury News, you don't have to add the word paper after it.  The the newspaper is called The Mercury, you would used newspaper (one word) after it. 


A newspaper has letters to the editor and it has articles.  It does not have articles to the editor.


I don't know that the very specific dates are necessary.  You might include them in another sentence if you need to describe specific research methods.  Otherwise, I would just go with months, seasons, or years.  I suspect you are discussing a specific event or time period.  I'd probably indicate how the timing of the incident and the period of research related.  Are you looking at letters from before the event, while the event was happening or for a period after the event ended? 

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Patty has given you good feedback. I would include a couple of items.                                                     If 'asylum seekers' is the name of an organization rather than a group of people, then both the initial letters (a and s) would be capitalized.           Also, if  the name of the newspaper is The Mercury News, then all three words should be capitalized and italicized.                                                                                                     

link comment answered Jun 09 '13 at 20:23 Katherine Patrick New member

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