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' The class is studying grammar' can anyone please explain that in this sentence we will consider 'grammar' as abstract or common noun....???  I feel it is common noun because it is not specified that grammar of which subject (as there are many languages in the world) but according to the book here 'grammar' is abstract noun..??? How can 'grammar' be an abstract noun...???

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First of all, instead of worrying too much about what kind of noun grammar is, please study basic grammar and punctuation more.  There were a lot of mistakes in your post, which made it hard to understand.


Abstract nouns are usually thought of as nouns that describe ideas, concepts, or qualities. They are distinct from concrete nouns which describe any thing or person that our five senses can experience.  So kindness is an abstract noun, but dog is a concrete noun. 


Common nouns are the general names of people, places and things, for example: man, drugstore, coffee.  They are distinct from proper nouns which describe the specific names of people, places or things, for example: John Smith, London Drugs, Starbucks French Roast.    As you can see, common nouns are usually not-capitalized, and proper nouns are capitalized.


So there is no big problem for an abstract noun to also be a common noun; these are two very different ways of characterizing nouns.  The word grammar is a common noun (it is the general name of a thing) and it can also be thought of as an abstract noun (it is an idea).   Just like I can be described as a teacher or a Canadian; both are true.

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