Car rental VS. Car rent


Car rental VS. Car rent


I think that rental and rent as a noun are interchaneable for the same meaning in the phrases. What do you experts think? Or do you have good examples where they are interchaneable for the same meaning? 


Thank you so much as usual. 

asked Jun 07 '13 at 06:39 Hans Contributor

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The two words are not interchangeable. A car rental (or rental car) is the actual thing being rented. The car rent is the amount to be periodically paid.

link comment edited Jun 07 '13 at 16:28 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

The same principle applies to a home. You have a rental property. You pay rent. You can't pay rental. In essence, Patty is correct.

link comment answered Jun 08 '13 at 02:51 Laurence Pollwade New member

I agree with Patty T, although in the UK we are more likely to call it car hire or hire car!

link comment answered Jun 08 '13 at 02:38 Aileen Stewart New member

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