I realize I will probably have some people mad at me for not asking a specifically grammar-related question, but I thought that in a gathering of this many brilliant English minds, surely someone would want to spout off some books, authors, poems, or poets they particularly enjoyed. I am trying to grow out my reading list for the summer. Maybe we can get some decent discussion going!

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Hi Ty,Welcome! It is rather odd to see the sudden influx of new participants here. There has always been just a small handful of regulars. My status as "fellow" is due more to being here the longest than to being a "brilliant English mind." You will find that the format of this forum is not at all conducive to extended discussion. Unless I copy a link to your question, I will lose track of this thread in a couple days or so. I am typing on my iPad at the moment. Unless I enter some code, my paragraphs get smooshed together. It really is the worst format I have ever stumbled upon, and I've participated on many discussion boards since they first started up online. It is beyond difficult to continue a discussion on here for more than a day or two. (New paragraph). In answer to your question, I have been so exhausted from work the last few years that I have not been reading much. The last thing I read was a tome - the journals of Arthur Schlesinger. I found it very interesting to read his opinions on the people in political power over fifty years, and I enjoyed paying attention to his writing style.

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James lee Burke sprinkles history throughout exciting cop stories in OLD New Orleans.

RaChelleJun 06 '13 at 11:39

Thanks Patty! The flood of new members is probably from a facebook link (at least, that is what got me). And I agree, the format on here is incredibly poor. I was actually posting this partially to see how bad it is.

TyJBrown13Jun 06 '13 at 14:16

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Zora Neale Hurston and Mark Twain are my favorites.

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I have just seen your question.   In another context I have only today recommended to another student of English the brilliant clarity and simplicity of the language used by Ernest Hemingway.

If you haven't discovered him already, try his shortest novel, The Old Man and the Sea and you may be hooked for life!

link comment answered Jun 15 '13 at 19:59 Michael Cranfield Expert

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