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What is the difference between anymore and no longer?

asked Jun 03 '13 at 12:44 Ema Kis New member

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Ema, this is a great question!  The word anymore and the phrase no longer have the same meaning, but anymore goes at the end of the sentence, and no longer goes before the verb.  So you would say I don't love him anymore but you would say I no longer love him.   Also, no longer sounds much more formal than anymore.  I hope this helps.

link comment answered Jun 03 '13 at 13:36 Shawn Mooney Expert

Shawn's answer is okay, but I want to add that when you use no longer, the verb must be positive to avoid the ungrammatical use of the double negative. Notice that Shawn's first example uses the negative verb (don't love) with anymore, but he doesn't use the negative verb in the other example sentence.

link comment answered Jun 03 '13 at 20:11 Richard Firsten Contributor

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