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Could you explain what is wrong in this sentence: 

"I had never been visiting a working prison before, so when the opportunity came up I was really eager to have a look around and I certainly wasn’t disappointed, although we weren’t actually showed to see the area where the prisoners live.'


I guess I had never been visiting is incorrect and would use I had never visited. Am I right?

past tenses asked Jun 02 '13 at 07:19 Artur Strozynski New member

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Artur, yes your guess is correct: you need Past Perfect (had never visited) rather than Past Perfect Continuous (had never been visiting) here.  Briefly, both tenses describe events that occurred earlier than another past event, but PP describes completed earlier actions while PPC describes actions that began earlier but continued up to the past event.  Also, your sentence is much too long.  I suggest putting a period after disappointed, and changing the rest of it to We weren’t actually allowed to see the area where the prisoners live, though.  I hope this helps. 

link answered Jun 02 '13 at 07:54 Shawn Mooney Expert

Thank you.

Artur StrozynskiJun 02 '13 at 08:28

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