when is 'how' used in a sentence

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Let me add to the previous answers.  How + an action verb or a modal verb is asking about the manner or method of an action.  For example, How did the magician do that?  How did you finish reading that 1,000 page book so quickly?  How did he become so successfulHow can I help you?  How did you get into those tight pants? On the other hand, how + a state verb is asking about the quality (good/bad/healthy/unhealthy/happy/unhappy, etc.) of someone or something.  For example, How was the movie?  How are you?  How is Tom these days?  How did Aunt Sarah look when you saw her?   How did Aunt Sarah seem when you saw her?   One last point: when how is combined with an adverb + [do] then the question is asking about the degree, quantity, or measurement of something.  For example, How long have you been waiting?  How well did you do on the test?  How many times have you been to America?  How  hot was it in Hawaii when you were there?  How badly do you want the job?  I hope this helps.

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