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I have no idea with this mistake, please help me.

See example:

Actually, listening also makes people to familiar with English, which is a wonderful phenomenon because it means people are in the process of remembering English.
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Becoming familiar with English is essentially the same thing as being in the process of remembering English.  You might as well say "people learn English because people learn English."  Instead, you can very simply state that listening to spoken English helps with learning the language. 


A phenomenon is something extraordinary.  Listening is the most basic method of learning a language.  We all learn a language by listening - starting on the day we are born.  (Except for thse who are deaf.)  It is a natural process, not an extraordinary one.  Some people might describe the processes found in nature as a phenomenon or even miracle when discussing the scientific details of how the parts of a body or brain work.  But I don't get the feeling that is what your focus is. 

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