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Need help and ideas of a different way to change my sentence

See example:

The author appeared to be the "black sheep", now that; I can definitely relate to.
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Prepositions are the least of your troubles.  There is absolutely no problem with ending a sentence with a preposition; probably some really bad teacher gave you bad advice: ignore it.  Sometimes sentences can be reworded so that the preposition doesn’t come at the end, but other sentences would sound terrible if you did that.

appeared to be: Why is this so tentative?  If the author was the black sheep of the family, say so: The author was…

the “black sheep”: There is no need to put this idiom in quotes.  It is a mistake.  Also, use the full idiomatic phrase: the black sheep of the family.

, now that; I can definitely relate to:  punctuation is the worst problem in your sentence.  Please review the Grammarly guide for punctuation because you don’t seem to understand how to use commas or semicolons at all. 

The author was the black sheep of the family; I can definitely relate to that.

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