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 What prompted you to look for a new job after all of these years working there? What is after all in this sentence? How do I use it in the other contexts? 

asked May 07 '13 at 16:10 Sanjay Expert

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Hi again Sanjay, long time no see.  In your sentence after all does not have a discrete meaning; after is the preposition and all of these years is a phrase that shows the length of time.  After simply means 'later in time than' or 'subsequent to'; all of these years means 'many years'.  There is an idiomatic phrase, after all, which means 'in spite of what happened' or 'nevertheless' but it doesn't fit in this context because, as I indicated above, after is simply a preposition and all of these years refers to the length of time.  I hope this helps. 

link comment answered May 08 '13 at 06:41 Shawn Mooney Expert

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