confusing modifiers


How do I rephrase this sentence to remove the confusing modifiers

See example:

They brought in an outside company to assess all areas of the corporation.
asked May 06 '13 at 01:45 claudette madder New member

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Not all companies are corporations, but using both words in one sentence could confuse the reader.  Which company is being assessed?  What type of company was hired?  You can add some clarity with a different choice of words. 


You might also want to consider changing the pronoun “they” to something else.  A company is an it, not a they.  In context with the previous sentence, we might know that you are referring to the board of directors or a team of senior management rather than the company as an entity.  If that is the case, they can be correct.  Generally, pronouns and broad term such as company and corporation lead to a lack of clarity. “All areas” is also very vague.


The Board of Directors hired a forensic accounting firm to investigate all departments.


Senior management hired a management consultant to provide an organizational assessment. 

link comment answered May 06 '13 at 04:08 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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